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    Imperial Palace  
    Get tips on how to save cash when going to Cebu's only first class water resort park, Imperial Palace Cebu.
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    Explore Cebu's most famous falls, Kawasan falls in Moal Boal Cebu
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    Lake Danao, Camotes, Cebu 
    Be enchanted with the beauty of Camotes Island - idyllic and enchanting with its caves, lakes, underground springs, and rock formations.
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    First time in Hong Kong Disneyland ? Learn the best tips for first time visitors to get most out of the happiest place on earth !

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Top 10 tips for first time Hong Kong Disney land visitors

I’ve been to Hong Kong Disneyland for more than three times already. Every time I go there, I learn about things that I should or shouldn’t be doing on my next visits. So if it is your first time to visit Hong Kong Disneyland you might want to follow my top ten tips for first time visitors to what is said to be one of the happiest place on earth. Love what you just read ? Don't forget:  If you like us, we will love you ! 

My SEAMEO-SPAFA S.E.A Archeology conference experience

I had the privilege to attend the 2nd SEMEO SPAFA Conference, organized by the Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts. Established in 1985, the Centre is under the aegis of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) and is hosted by the Government of Thailand. The main objective of the Centre is to promote professional competence, awareness, and preservation of cultural heritage in the fields of archaeology and fine arts in Southeast Asia. The conference is just one avenue wherein the objectives of the Centre will be achieved. The conference was held at Chonburi Thailand last [ ... ]

Bunk in at Bed@Town: Bangkok’s chicest and trendiest hostel

I was in Bangkok for the 2nd Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts (SEAMEO SPAFA) (quite a mouthful there) Since some of my colleagues arrived in Bangkok a day before me, I relied on them to find a cheap place for us to stay in. Love what you just read ? Don't forget:  If you like us, we will love you ! 

Solar system installation in a Mamanwa community

I have visited the Mamanwa previously as mentioned in this blog to write a paper on Mamanwa politics, leadership and governance. I was so thankful for their hospitality and accommodation that I could not resist not doing something to repay their kindness. In my first visit they mentioned the obvious advantage of having electricity in their settlement. This particular band has only two cellphones for a group of 20+ people and they have to “go down” (because they live in the mountainous portion of the area) to have their cellphones charged. One household had a television set and a DVD player. [ ... ]

The ghosts of Diplomat Hotel Baguio City

Dominican hill Baguio City is famous for two things, the giant Ten commandments tablet that broke the Guinness world of records and the haunted Diplomat Hotel.If ghosts, spirits, being that exist in another plane of existence and the paranormal tickles your fancy and you have a chance to go to Baguio City, then this place is definitely for you ! The place is so famously haunted that it is very well known to be one of the most haunted place in the Philippines and is even named to the top ten list of the most scariest places and hotels in [ ... ]
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